What Is EOTF? A Basic Definition

EOTF stands for Electro-Optical Transfer Function. This is a term used in HDR (high dynamic range) displays to describe the action of converting data to a particular brightness on the screen. The EOTF is the mathematical function for transferring an electronic signal into the desired optical signal (i.e. digital to analog function). This differs from gamma in that gamma tells a display to emit a certain percentage of its max brightness, while EOTF tells it how many nits of brightness to produce.

A display’s EOTF works by assigning an electronic value to content that represents a level of brightness, measured in nits, to display.

EOTF Tracking

In our monitor reviews, we perform EOTF tracking. The vertical axis shows luminance level measured in nits, while the horizontal axis shows the brightness level from 0-100%. The yellow line represents the standard, while the gray line represents the monitor we’re reviewing. The closer those two lines align, the better.

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