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Challenging FPS: Testing SLI And CrossFire Using Video Capture

Results: F1 2012

Let's see how these dual-card setups take on F1 2012, a game we consider to be platform-limited.

Interestingly, despite this title's reliance on processor and memory performance, we see the largest discrepancy between actual rendered frames (including drops and runts) and the practical output you'd actually experience, a 13.1 FPS delta. It's also interesting that Fraps reports results that come closer to AMD's practical output; in theory you'd think the opposite would be true.

Meanwhile, the GeForce boards don't have the large gap separating them, making this story the first time we've seen quantifiable evidence of Nvidia's effort to deliver consistent frames, rather than pushing frames as fast as they can be rendered.

Illustrating frame rates over time gives us a dramatic visualization of runt and dropped frames causing spikes during the benchmark run.

Regardless of those issues, frame time variance appears fairly modest, even at the 95th percentile.