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Guild Wars 2: Your Graphics Card And CPU Performance Guide

Image Quality And Settings

The game’s art features lots of bright colors. It's almost cartoonish, but in the style of a graphic novel rather than the exaggerated caricatures of World Of Warcraft. Guild Wars 2 doesn't push any stylistic envelopes. However, it's still a great-looking game.

There are a number of different sliders available for tuning Guild Wars 2's graphics options, but we're focusing on the three main presets here today: Best Performance, Balanced, and Best Appearance.

The Best Performance preset applies no anti-aliasing, uses low-quality textures, low-quality details, and no shadows or post-processing effects. Bad as all of that sounds, it still looks decent, and it runs well on low-end hardware (as you'll see in the benchmarks).

The Balanced preset also neglects anti-aliasing, but it benefits from Medium texture detail, shadows, terrain and sky reflections, and Low post-processing effects. It looks markedly better than Best Performance, but understandably requires more graphics muscle to achieve adequate performance.

The Best Appearance preset enables FXAA anti-aliasing, high-quality textures, the Ultra shadows setting, High post-processing effects, All reflections. Performance takes a significant hit under this setting, taxing the upper bounds of many low- to mid-range graphics cards.