The First Hammer Board Hits the THG Lab

In The Planning Stages: Dual-Channel DDR333 From VIA

According to a few motherboard manufacturers, VIA is planning to offer a chipset for the AMD Hammer with Dual DDR333 support. To explain this: manufacturers have found out that an external memory interface with Dual-DDR could provide a solution for more performance than what AMD had internally predicted. Currently, it cannot be determined as to the extent that this information ultimately has to do with a future VIA chipset launch.

An Overview: The AMD Roadmap

Although it's hard to admit for some vendors, AMD's Clawhammer was originally planned for 2002, as this roadmap shows.

Roadmap from AMD with die sizes.

The latest picture on the launch of Hammer shows how the various model numbers and CPU cores are going to be targeted in the coming months. So, we expect to see Clawhammer debut at CeBIT in March, 2003. However this isn't the newest roadmap from AMD.