Hands Across Four Water Cooling Systems


Overall Impression

With its HTCS Radiator, Innovatek enters the fray with an external water-cooling solution that makes the claim of being completely noiseless. The Radiator comes in blue and is without doubt a fine addition to any living room with its unusual design. At $249 (€249) it is not, however, the cheapest model.

The cooling tower by Innovatek

The Radiator itself has no fans whatsoever. The only source of noise in the water-cooling system therefore is the water pump. The 1046 Eheim pump used by Innovatek makes almost no sound, however, registering below general room sound levels.

Innovatek employs the same familiar components seen in the past. Tubing and closures are the same as those of previous Innovatek water coolers, thus being compatible with existing systems. The workmanship of the components is excellent all around.

Innovatek doesn't offer the HTCS Radiator as part of a kit. The user has to decide for himself which components to use. We decided on using the proven 12V HPPS pump, based on the Eheim 1046, for $80 (€68), the AGB-O-Matic reservoir for $30 (€20), and the XX-flow cooler for $70 (€40). The Radiator can naturally be integrated into preexisting cooling systems or replace conventional radiators.