Hard Disk Drive Video Players Hit The Mainstream


The remote controls of the two HDD players

A DVD player works well as a standalone component, but HDD players with hard drive and DivX/DVD functions provide not only the same operating convenience but more versatility and flexibility. That means no more burning onto blank DVDs; simply copy your own movies or MP3 files to the hard drive via USB, start the player, and enjoy the multimedia file on your television using the remote control. All three test candidates hold up well when compared to a DVD player.

In terms of playback functions, the HDD boxes are just like any commercially available DivX/DVD player. However, purchasing any of the three involves more of an investment. At up to $200, you'll have to dig a little deeper into your pocket than with an off-the-shelf DVD player. However, you will save more on total costs considering that you save on a DVD burner and media.

The operation and settings options of the test champion, the Modix HD3510, are better than those of the TheBOX HP250TG HDD player, which won points for its design, its handiness and the OTG function. It only lost points on its DVD directory display, putting it in second place.

The Modix offers HD cinch component outputs with a maximum resolution of 1080i. However, an HD capable playback device (flat-screen or projector) is needed.

Neither of these products is widely available in the USA. The THEBox player can be found at Mobilegear.us . The Modix player is available at Cooldrives.com .

Siggy Moersch