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Creative HN-505 Headset

Creative HN-505 Headset

Manufacturer: Creative

Price: $39.99

One thing we have been anxious to get into this group review has been a set of headphones specifically designed for portability and sound on the go. As much as nice chunky 5.1 Surround Sound headsets are great for home use, LANs and the like they can be nothing but dead weight when you're on the road or 30,000 feet above it. Creative has come to the table with its HN-505 headset to fill this gap. It's a lightweight, highly portable set that comes with single-battery powered noise-cancellation. Creative has even gone so far as to allay those cynics in the audience by actually including a battery with the headset - the wonders shall never cease.

The set is comfortable to wear, even over long hauls, which is rather essential for a mobile headset. The earphones do not cover the ear completely, allowing some air to get at them and to prevent overheating, but at the same time they do fit rather firmly over them providing the first layer of "noise-cancellation" so vaunted by the manufacturers.

The folding headband makes the HN-505 the most portable of all the headsets we've reviewed here, and they also come with an unobtrusive leather bag for easy storage. Another handy inclusion is a .14" (3.5 mm) dual-plug adapter for airplane use, and while we haven't been jetting around much while testing these headsets you can bet that when we next do board an aircraft the HN-505 will be with us.

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