One of the most overlooked elements in any computer or laptop purchase is the choice of a headset. Either you don't know about headsets or don't really care so long as it does the job. Most of us simply buy the best-looking pair to go with our budget.

A good headset is however one of the most essential input/output devices outside of the keyboard and mouse. A headset, for example, must provide a good microphone for VoIP chat. Headphones can also allow you to listen to music or watch films with full 5.1 surround sound without disturbing your neighbors Compare Prices on Gaming Headsets.

Then there is the gamer. For him or her a truly superior headset can add immensely to the total immersion experience by taking advantage of high-definition audio that many games offer.

In this roundup we've taken a broad sample of headsets, some with highly mobile to surround sound capabilities, to give an idea of what is out there. Obviously because we're taking a look at such a diverse range of headsets there can be no definitive benchmark comparison of each - the Creative HN-505 headset for example could not stand up to the Medusa 5.1 Surround Sound headset - but then again a mobile laptop user might find the Medusa a bit much to lug around, while the 505 is as mobile as headsets come.

Thus, it is up to you to decide the merits of each headset based on your individual needs. We will of course tell you where each headset stands up and falls down, but most of the headsets in this feature are excellent at what they do. So the answer to the question "To buy or not to buy?" will be simplified to "Do they fit my needs?"

Please note that prices will vary depending on the vendor, and so the price given should be taken as a guide only, and you should shop around when looking to buy one of these headsets.