Holiday Buyer's Guide 2006, Part 4: Gifts for Non-Geeks

Razer Diamondback Limited Edition Plasma

The Razer Diamondback Limited Edition Plasma Gaming Mouse

The Razer Diamondback is small enough to be a stocking stuffer, but worthy enough to be a wrapped present. Chosen as the "Official Mouse" for the CPL 2005 World Tour, the Diamondback is the gift that will make any trigger-happy, finger-twitching gamer jump for joy.

We were very pleased with the Diamondback's movement response. The mouse glides quickly and accurately with the slightest touch. Aside from its accuracy, our favorite part about the Diamondback is its shape. It's longer and flatter than most mice, so your hand rests comfortably on top, with fingers nearly flat on the two top buttons. Within reach are four more programmable buttons, two next to the thumb and two near the pinky.

Although it is often praised for being a seven-button gaming mouse, the Diamondback also has a frame rate of over 6400 frames per second, 1600 DPI resolution, and zero acoustic Teflon feet. This makes it the perfect mouse for any photo editor or digital artist with a need for serious precision.

The Plasma edition Diamondback is also attractive. With jet-black buttons, and a soft blue glow coming from under a black smoke-colored shell, it's as pleasant to the eyes as it is to the hand.

The Diamondback is practical: it can be used for gaming, serious digital art work, or for everyday use, simply for its comfort and amazing response. Sure, you could always go with any run-of-the-mill mouse and never know what you're missing. But hey, it's the season of giving, so don't let others down - the Razer Diamondback is sure to please.