HOT! An Early Look At The New Pentium III (Tualatin or Coppermine-T?)


In Dronez the new Socket370 processor is not quite able to touch its fancier competitors. It would be very interesting to find out why.

Sandra 2001

Here are the results of the new kid on the block under Sandra 2001. You can see in the CPU-integer results that the new processor comes indeed with slightly improved performance over Coppermine. We are sorry to tell you that we are not aware what architectural change is responsible for this effect. The overclocked Tualatin-256 is able to beat the whole competition in raw integer performance. Be reminded however, that this result is not reflected in the real-world benchmarks we ran.

The multimedia performance of Tualatin-256 is identical to Coppermine. Once running at 1.4 GHz, it is able to beat the whole rest.