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HP Z1 Workstation: High-End Hardware In An All-In-One

Results: Display Measurments

Since the Z1 has a built-in monitor, we want to evaluate that as well, especially since this workstation's display is one of its biggest selling points. We use a workflow similar to what you see from our mobile device testing, which employs a Spyder4 sensor. Since it uses different hardware and software, don't compare these numbers to Christian's monitor reviews.


Factory Brightness288.2
Minimum Brightness75.48
Maximum Brightness331.15
Calibrated Brightness200.09

Out of the box, the Z1 is set too bright for our target of 200 nits. Yet, it was only halfway to the system's maximum brightness. With the level set to just less than 50 percent, we get a calibrated value of 200.09.

Black Level0.36
50% Level43.41
White Level200.09
Approximate Gamma2.21
White Correllated6388 K

With brightness set to 200 nits, the Z1 provides decent, though not outstanding, values for gamma and contrast.

Our measurement for the Z1's gamut is 116.1 percent of sRGB and 80 percent of Adobe RGB.