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HyperDrive 4 Redefines Solid State Storage

Read Transfer Rates

The results here couldn't be more obvious. A single HyperDrive 4 is as fast as two SanDisk SSD5000 Flash-based solid state drives in a RAID 0 configuration. Putting two HyperDrive 4 modules into a RAID 0 results in double the sequential read performance: 243 MB/s. And this result is sustained across the entire capacity of the HyperOS drive.

Write Transfer Rates

The write transfer performance looks similar, but none of the drives can sustain the excellent read results. You will notice the high maximum write throughput for the results we received with the Areca RAID controller: once again, this happened because the controller caches the writes, and thus provides a tremendous performance with initial writes. Look at the average and minimum performance to see how fast the HyperDrive 4 really is when writing directly into its DDR memory.