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HyperDrive 4 Redefines Solid State Storage

I/O Performance

Here is proof for HyperOS's statements about several hundred or thousands of times better performance of the HyperDrive 4 versus conventional hard drives or RAID arrays. Even the single HyperDrive 4 provides almost 8,800 I/O operations per second using the fileserver benchmark pattern, and this goes up to as much as 13,800 I/Os per second in a RAID 0 with two HyperDrive 4 units. Even the fastest hard drives max out at approximately 200 I/O operations per second. The WD Raptor WD1500, which you can find on the very bottom of the diagram, is between 123 and 174 I/Os per second.

Web servers typically require few write operations, which is why the Flash-based hard drives from SanDisk make their comeback in this benchmark. Once again, the HyperDrive 4 delivers ~7,000 I/Os per second.

Database access involves lots of random access and usually only small blocks. Here the I/O performance of the RAM SSD is stellar again: roughly 12,000 I/O operations per second for the single HyperDrive 4 or up to 23,000 for a RAID 0 setup is nothing any RAID configuration of conventional hard drives could ever beat.

No changes also in the workstation benchmark. The HyperDrive 4 clearly dominates Flash hard drives and the WD Raptor WD1500.