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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 Review: One Flexible Ultrabook

Results: Real-World Benchmarks

Moving away from the synthetic benchmarks, we welcome the opportunity to see how the Yoga 13 does in a more real-word environment. Of course, we continue to include the Dell XPS 12 as a comparison platform.

Compression Testing

We start the process with the three most commonly used compression utilities and the time it takes to compress the same 2.01 GB file.

The Yoga 13 and XPS 12 numbers are pretty close in all three compression tools.

The following real-world tests involve popular applications that perform various media tasks.

Media Transcoding

All three media transcoding tests place the Yoga 13 behind the XPS 12 by completely insignificant amounts of time.


All four of Adobe's Creative Suite 6 tests yield almost identical results between the two systems, as does ABBYY's FineReader.