The Impact of the AGP-Speed

AGP-Speed Benchmark Results - SPECviewperf 6.1.1

For people who are using OpenGL-software professionally those results could be rather meaningful. You could say that under Windows NT or the upcoming Windows2000 the results will be very similar. However, please don't forget that you currently don't have any chance of switching to AGP2x on Irongate-platforms under NT.

Advanced Visualizer may not care much about AGP4x, but it definitely makes a big difference between AGP1x and AGP2x. Again I wonder what AMD has to say to the Irongate-results, since a performance-difference of more than 20% is definitely noticeable.

The CAD-software Design Review is not making much of a difference between the AGP-speeds, although there's at least some improvement when you switch from AGP1x to AGP2x.

Data Explorer handles AGP-speed pretty much the same as Design Review above. It shouldn't really be AGP1x, but more than AGP2x seems not really required.