Inkjet-Printer: Heavyweights From Canon, Epson and HP

Problem 1: Cleaning Cycles

We printed out pages at a continuous rate instead of over 3 to 6 months. This means the Canon and Epson would not need their print heads cleaning as often as usual. This is true, but we have already measured these differences on earlier models using the same technology. By shutting down the printer and computer every 7 pages, the Canon's extra ink consumption was about 10% compared to about 15% on the Epson.

Canon: 0.11 + 10% = 0.12.

Epson US: 0.12 + 15% = 0.14.
Epson EU: 0.15 + 15% = 0.17.

The differences with HP are still about the same.

Problem 2: Print Heads

HP integrates the print heads into its cartridges whereas Canon and Epson build them into the printer. There used to be good reasons for this, but they no longer apply. Built-in print heads are much stronger now and designed to last as long as the device does, meaning 10 full new cartridge sets on the Canon and 50,000 pages on the Epson. And even if you do have a problem, print heads are covered by the warranty.

If you have had a bad experience here in the past, and no longer trust what the manufacturers say, take out an extended warranty for 1 to 3 years. That way you are sure to have no trouble.