Inkjet-Printer: Heavyweights From Canon, Epson and HP

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The i850 had only just become a reference when it suddenly found itself ousted by the i860. Do I hear gnashing of teeth?

It must be said that there are some very persuasive new arguments in favor of the i860. It has 5 instead of 4 cartridges (for deeper black in photos), it has a new 10x15 paper feeder and a paper analyzer. We should say we have been bugging Canon for the last two years to tell us when they were going to get around to using this brilliant function, initially launched by HP. Epson is still resisting.

We grabbed all the paper we could find: glossy, mat, transparent, lightweight and of any make. We looked at how the printer behaved with photo printing. Depending on the country you live in, you may not be able to buy some of these papers, maybe most of them. No matter, the main point was to find out if the sensor in the i860 can do the job on its own.

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PaperNot RecommendedSuitable
Avery 250g/m²Row 0 - Cell 1 X
Canon MP101Row 1 - Cell 1 X
Canon PR-101Row 2 - Cell 1 X 150g/m²Row 3 - Cell 1 X 260g/m²Row 4 - Cell 1 X
Epson DurabrightRow 5 - Cell 1 X
Epson Photo PaperRow 6 - Cell 1 X
HP Premium Plus GlossyXRow 7 - Cell 2
Kodak Ultima 270g/m²XRow 8 - Cell 2
Lexmark PremiumXRow 9 - Cell 2
Micro Application Transparent self-adhesiveXRow 10 - Cell 2
Micro Application VitrophanieXRow 11 - Cell 2
Micro Application 10x15 260g/m²Row 12 - Cell 1 X
Micro Application 140g/m²XRow 13 - Cell 2
Micro Application 260g/m²Row 14 - Cell 1 X
Micro Application double-sided invitation cardRow 15 - Cell 1 X
Micro Application TransparentRow 16 - Cell 1 X
Pelikan 254g/m²Row 17 - Cell 1 X
Rey 180g/m²Row 18 - Cell 1 X
Rey Canvas 200g/m²Row 19 - Cell 1 X