Inkjet-Printer: Heavyweights From Canon, Epson and HP


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Namei860C84photosmart 7760
Resolution4800 x 1200 dpi5760 x 14404800 x 1200
Number of cartridges542
Number of colors446
Speed Monochrome23 ppm22 ppm13 ppm
Speed Color16 ppm12 ppm12 ppm

The i860 takes all the prizes: motor speed, quality and rapidity. Not much fault to find with such a device.

The Epson C84 fails due to its default resolution. This is a pity, because its quality/price ratio is really good.

With regard to HP, we can only repeat that the price of its ink is too high. HP can always argue the resistance of its inks and the cost of its studies, but that still doesn't mean it should work out at twice the price of an i860, which is in any case two or three times faster. Especially since, though HP wins hands down on ergonomics, the Canon i860 makes up for it with its paper analyzer and extra feeder.

Now if your opinion contradicts ours, and if you'd rather trust your own feelings on the quality of a printer, you can always go to the article Multi-purpose Printers: Canon i450 and i470D . Each page has a scan of four prints by four printers. There is a Canon, an Epson, an HP and a Lexmark and you can rate each of them. The results will be compiled and the happy winner named. What this means is that you can elect the best inkjet printer according to your own criteria!