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Intel's Strike Force: 19 DDR-Motherboards With 845 Chipset and DDR-Support


Board Revision: ?

BIOS Version: 1.1 (Dezember 17, 2001)

This motherboard is fairly well designed. The power connector is placed just next to the IDE connectors, so you can bind them together in order to reduce the cable chaos inside the case. On the lower edge you can find the floppy connector. Though this placement may seem senseless, it is actually good for running the cable behind the motherboard, thus keeping it far away from PCI cards or other hardware.

Behind the AGP slot is a network controller chip from Realtek, allowing easy connectivity to 10/100 Mbit networks or to DSL. You will only require an additional network adapter if you need both connections simultaneously.

Though the board supports nine clock speeds between 100 and 200 MHz, this is not supported by any options to modify core or RAM voltages, or PCI/AGP ratios. One feature is quite convenient: by pressing certain key combinations, you can directly access the most important sub menus, though this shortcut is not a big deal.

FIC includes a full set of cables, a comprehensive manual and two CDs (one with drivers, the other one with Norton Anti Virus and Norton Ghost). As the network connector is integrated into the ATX connectors, you will require a suitable ATX cover which, unfortunately, is not included with the motherboard.