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Intel's Strike Force: 19 DDR-Motherboards With 845 Chipset and DDR-Support

QDI PlatiniX 2S

Board Revision: 1.0

BIOS Version: 1.0 (December 11, 2001)

Contrary to our expectations, the PlatiniX 2S has nothing in common with the PlatiniX 2D, except for the chipset and the QDI name. The 2S has 5 PCI slots instead of 6. Network and IDE RAID controllers are optional with both motherboards, and the AC97 sound system is standard for both.

There are some differences in the CPU settings: while the PlatiniX 2D can be overclocked pretty well, the 2S only offers the basic options. PlatiniX 2S is also available with ATI's Rage Mobility, which is basically a notebook graphics chip. Yet it is suitable for on-board solutions as long as you don't want high-performance 3D graphics.

Both motherboards allow a manual interrupt assignment.

QDI ships quite a lot of add-ons with the PlatiniX 2S. There's a useful and comprehensive manual, a driver CD, Norton Anti Virus, one IDE and one IDE-80 floppy cable, some jumpers and a floppy disk with drivers for the IDE RAID controller (if present).