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Intel's Strike Force: 19 DDR-Motherboards With 845 Chipset and DDR-Support

Zida Tomato Board A845DD

Board Revision:

BIOS Version: 1.01 (November 20, 2001)

Zida is a lesser-known manufacturer. Some years ago, they first participated in one of the motherboard reviews with a BX board. Today, Zida provides the latest high-tech products, too.

The A845DD comes with 6 PCI slots, 2 DIMM sockets, an AC97 sound system and nothing else. That may sound negative, but for OEMs and users on low budget, it's an advantage, as there are no additional components to jack up the price. The Tomato Board could be for you, if you want a 845 board with an attractive price.

The layout is clean: the two power connectors are placed side by side, making it easy to keep the cable chaos as minimal as possible. The floppy connector at the lower edge of the board is practical, since you can put the cable at the back side of the motherboard.

This is a simple motherboard, which automatically reduces the number of possible issues. Performance and stability were pretty good and the package is complete with manual, drivers and cables.