Intel's CPU Heat Gets Watered Down

Impressions, Continued

Accessing the liquid coolant was not possible with the sample we received.

The quality level off all components used did not give us any reasons for complaint; even the sealing of the coolant circuit looks robust. The large fan uses the 3-pin rather than the new 4-pin connector. This is no disadvantage, since readjusting the fan speed is automatically done by the cooling system rather than the motherboard.

For tests, we used the 3.6 GHz Pentium 4 560 and ran Prime95 for approximately two hours. At this workload, the heat dissipation is around 98 W. With the Sanyo Denki device, we achieved CPU temperatures of around 65°-66°C, while air coolers do not manage to keep the processor below 75°C.

Intel Boxed Cooler vs. Sanyo Denki liquid cooling solution.

This is how the installed cooling solution will look like. Pretty simple, isn't it?