Intel's CPU Heat Gets Watered Down

Test Results


While the efficiency of the Sanyo Denki liquid cooling solution is still somewhat sub-par compared to high-end systems from Corsair, Innovatek or others, it finally manages to cope with issues that have previously limited the adoption of liquid cooling solutions :

  1. It does not cause much more of an installation effort than most air coolers, since...
  2. ... it can be easily integrated into existing ATX chassis designs by modifying the side part in order to accommodate the heat exchanger and fan ;
  3. Given such a situation, the fan will blow the heat our of the case ;
  4. The Sanyo Denki solution is expected to be clearly more expensive than high-quality air coolers, but cheaper than top-notch liquid cooling solutions ;
  5. No worries since the system is sealed and does not require maintenance ;
  6. It is light enough to make sure the whole system remains reasonably portable.

We consider a low noise level to be the most important argument for getting a water cooling solution, and comparing prices for high-end air coolers with the $99 you have to spend for Sanyo Denki’s solution, our pick is pretty evident at this point.

Although there is no official statement on Intel’s involvement with the liquid cooling system, we believe that it was Intel’s influence that made sure the device can be called the best applicable liquid cooling solution on the market. Even not being one of the most efficient products, it is the first that actually can make it into the upper level mass market.