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Intel's 15 Most Unforgettable x86 CPUs

386: 32-Bit and Cache Memory

Intel’s 80836 was the first x86 with a 32-bit architecture. Several versions of this processor were offered. The two best known are the 386 SX (Single-word eXternal), which had a 16-bit data bus, and the 386 DX (Double-word eXternal) with a 32-bit data bus. Two other versions are worth noting, though: the SL, which was the first x86 to offer management of a cache (external) and the 386EX, used in the space program (the Hubble telescope uses this processor).

Code nameP3
Date released1985
Architecture32 bits
Data bus32 bits
Address bus32 bits
Maximum memory4096 MB
L1 cache0 KB (controller sometimes present)
L2 cacheno
Clock frequency16-33 MHz
FSBsame as clock frequency
Fabrication process1,500-1,000 nm
Number of transistors275,000
Power consumption2 W @ 33 MHz
Voltage5 V
Die surface area42 mm² @ 1µ
Connector132 pins