G31 And E7200: The Real Low-Power Story

Test Setup

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CPU IIIntel Core 2 Duo E7200 (45 nm, 2.53 GHz, 3 MB L2 Cache)
Mainboard IFoxconn G31MG-S, Rev 1.0
Row 2 - Cell 0 Intel G31, BIOS: 817F1P01
Mainboard IIGigabyte EG31MF-S2, Rev. 1.1
Row 4 - Cell 0 Intel G31, BIOS: F4g
RAM2x 2 GB DDR2-1066 Chaintech AU2G732-12GH001
HDDSeagate Barracuda 7200.11, 500 GB
Row 7 - Cell 0 7,200 RPM, SATA/300, 32 MB cache
Power SupplyFortron FSP220-60LE, 220 W
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Operating SystemWindows Vista Enterprise Version 6.0 (Build 6000)
Operating System SysmarkWindows XP SP2
DirectX 10DirectX 10 (Vista default)
DirectX 9Version: April 2007
Intel Graphics Drivers15.11.1.1545
Intel ChipsetINF:
JavaJava Runtime Environment 6.0 Update 1

We used a Fortron FSP220 power supply (on the right), which is sufficient for powering any mainstream PC without discrete graphics. Thanks to this power supply, the power efficiency went up considerably compared to our reference PSU, the Cooler Master RS850-EMBA (the PSU on the left).