Say Goodbye To Your BIOS: Hello, UEFI!

Test Drive: LaCie 4big Quadra (4TB Gross Capacity)

We looked at LaCie’s 4TB eSATA RAID storage box almost a year ago. Back then, as today, it provides excellent storage capacity and decent performance. Since 2TB hard drives are available today, this drive can reach up to 8GB maximum capacity with its four bays fully populated. Our sample was equipped with 1TB drives, and thus reaches a total RAID 5 capacity of 3TB.

Although only few users will actually boot from such a storage device, this is the one of the few options we have to emulate a SATA storage solution reporting more than 2TB of available capacity to the system, thus forcing systems to use the GPT instead of the MBR and demonstrate whether or not a UEFI-equipped system can indeed boot from partitions larger than 2TB. As we already know, systems based on a conventional BIOS definitely cannot.