Introducing ATi's New Middle Class: The Radeon 9600 PRO


Unreal Tournament 2003: Standard Test

Let's begin with Unreal Tournament 2003, a Direct3D game. Originally, we planned to publish minimum frame rates for this game, as well. We were forced to exclude those scores since they varied too greatly between benchmark runs however, which made it impossible to obtain clear results. The Radeon 9000 PRO still crashes in the UT FSAA/ aniso tests with the newest drivers.

The Radeon 9600 PRO can't live up to the standards set by its predecessor, the 9500 PRO. The FX 5600 Ultra also overtakes it in this test. As we already saw in the FX 5200/ FX 5600 test, the GF4 Ti 4200 scores remarkably well here.