Introducing ATi's New Middle Class: The Radeon 9600 PRO

3D Mark 2001: Game 4 Nature

The Radeon 9600 PRO has a hard time in this test and clearly gets bested by the FX 5600 Ultra, and even by the Ti 4200.

3D Mark 2001: Fillrate Single Texturing

The results are slightly confusing. By rights, the Radeon 9500 PRO should score much higher. Maybe this eight-pipe card is suffering from insufficient memory bandwidth here, with the result that the pipes aren't filled with data quickly enough. FX 5600 Ultra and Radeon 9600 PRO are practically tied.

3D Mark 2001: Fillrate Multi Texturing

The scores of the 9600 PRO took us by surprise here - it seems that the higher core clock speed is partly able to make up for the lack of pixel pipelines. The FX 5600 Ultra doesn't fare as well in this test.