Jetway's 915P-TWIN Mobo: One PC, Two Users

Jetway's 915P-TWIN Is Well Equipped

As the name suggests, this motherboard is based on Intel's 915P chipset. Here, Jetway decided not to use expensive DDR2 memory and therefore placed four DIMM sockets for dual-channel DDR400 memory on the board. The performance level remains slightly behind an 875P motherboard, since the chipset's memory controller works more efficiently with DDR400 than the 900 chipset series.

Still maximum performance likely is not the reason why somebody opts for the 915P-TWIN, which is why we passed on doing extensive benchmark runs and did some random testing only. Here we are happy to report that this board performs exactly as fast as we had expected.

As a matter of fact, Jetway focused on providing useful features. The Gigabit Ethernet chip is attached via PCI Express while two additional x1 slots as well as four 32 Bit PCI slots are waiting to be equipped with add-on cards.

Jetway considers Firewire to be important and integrated a VIA VT6307S. Though this little companion offers two ports, only one of them can be used with the adapter cable that comes included. The labeling is rather confusing, though, since calling the ports "A" and "B" may imply that they represent different 1394/Firewire speed grades. An Avance Logic codec manages audio functions. There are two fan headers for chassis cooling, while the CPU fan header is an advanced four-pin type, allowing the system to monitor and to control fan speed. Another positive is the ATX connector's retention notch, which is wide enough to lock both 20 and 24 pin ATX plugs.