Jetway's 915P-TWIN Mobo: One PC, Two Users

Our Experiences

Jetway makes a clear statement by only recommending NVIDIA graphics cards. However, we also tried out a X700 by ATI and did not encounter any problems.

After attaching all the required components such as keyboards, mice and displays, we were ready for takeoff. PS/2 devices are automatically assigned to the primary console while USB peripherals accommodate the second PC. These settings can be changed.

When installing the software (see below), the user is required to have duplicate Windows licenses. Microsoft mandates that each user must have a separate license. Of course this makes the MagicTWIN feature more expensive than originally expected. Yet buying a second computer would force you to get a dedicated Windows XP license, as well.

While the installation is in progress, the user may instantly add more user accounts. If you agree to do that at this point, the Windows user management will be launched. After finishing the installation, the system needs to be restarted, since MagicTWIN replaced some system files.

The Windows logon screen visibly changed after the restart: The first display shows "Console 1" while the secondary one is "Console 2," while the Windows XP logon scheme has been replaced by the classic Windows NT/2000 one. Of course you may activate the classic look and feel yourself, too, but this one does not allow for multiple user switching.

We felt rather familiar when logging on to Windows, since both users really get the impression as if they were working on two different computers. We found it amazing to see that playing Unreal Tournament on one console did not cause any noticeable interference to the second one on which we surfed the Internet and ran Office applications.