Jetway's 915P-TWIN Mobo: One PC, Two Users


Getting started with Jetway's 915P-TWIN, including setting up Gigabit LAN, audio, Firewire and the additional mass storage device, was a piece of cake. Our random benchmarks (mainly games and encoding tasks) proved that this board runs within the performance level that one would expect from a 915P solution with dual DDR400 memory. Jetway did its homework pretty well, since we didn't run into any anomalies.

Compared to motherboards from well-known manufacturers, the company would have some trouble distinguishing itself without the MagicTWIN feature, on which Jetway's value-add proposition is largely based. Meanwhile, installing the program is fairly easy, while having two people work with one computer is indeed a nifty application. All you need is a graphics card with two display ports. Although Jetway recommends NVIDIA only, we did not encounter problems running an ATI graphics card.

We see a wide market for the MagicTWIN. In a work environment, one user can surf the Web while another finishes office tasks. Internet cafés and similar institutions can save thousands since they might cut their hardware requirements by up to 50%. Nor does the MagicTWIN feature require much processing power.

With our test system it was easily possible to run a DVD on one console while somebody else was passionately playing Unreal Tournament 2004 on the second one.

Yet we need to exclude one application scenario. It is definitely impossible to have two users playing 3D games with or against each other on one single system. At the end of the day, no commercially-available graphics card can accommodate this application.