Joysticks and Wheels: The Winter 2002 Collection

Pedal Set: Could Do Worse

The pedal set, on the other hand, is held down by a really smart system. For carpeted floors, there is a bar that opens out and has lots of little spikes, which give it a perfect grip. And, like other wheels, it has rubber pads to steady it on a hard floor.

That Racing Feeling

This wheel handles beautifully. It is slightly oval, something between an ordinary wheel and a single-seater one, and sits naturally in the hand. A vertical red strip shows you where neutral is, like in rally-driving. Easy to hold, it is encased in rubber to give an excellent grip, though it does make your hands sweat a lot. The casing is not rounded either - it has slight edges to it which don't affect the hold but which you can notice in sharp movements. Its six buttons are well-placed and easy to reach, as are the gear shifts behind the wheel, also nice to handle. Logitech has added a shift knob you can place to the left or right, which will no doubt please lovers of tradition, though personally I find the shifts behind the wheel much more convenient. But if you want to play at rally or speed-racing, then it could come in handy.

The pedal set is just as ergonomically designed. The pedals are not too upright, so they don't tire the feet out. The travel is long with unusually good resistance, and the brake is stiffer than the gas pedal, which is a very good way to get better sensations.