Joysticks and Wheels: The Winter 2002 Collection

Flawless Precision

The Freedom is very precise when used for rather exacting simulation like Flight Simulator 2002 and IL 2 Stormovik. The automatic centering and calibration of the optical sensor are impeccable. The same goes for action games like Battlefield 1942, where you have to drive or pilot lots of machines. This joystick is a great success, and even the little unavoidable drawback of saver mode is not truly inconvenient. What we have here is a complete and classy joystick with nothing missing, that is a delight to use. Having no cord, it is even handier to use, tidies away in a flash and can be put in any position because it is not tied down. This shows up on the bill of course, but it's well worth it.

Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 (2002) Joystick

Microsoft, inventor of force feedback, has done little more this year than touch up its joystick and cover it with a new material. Not a bad idea, considering this joystick has no real faults. It is well-designed and you feel you're getting value for your money. The power supply integrated into the compact base makes it even easier to set up. It looks like it means business, and this year's translucent red buttons make it very attractive.