Joysticks and Wheels: The Winter 2002 Collection

Easy Installation

Installation is no trouble at all. The Logitech unified driver works easily in any operating system, and that includes XP. After installation, you are even told when to plug in the USB port. The control panel is straightforward and has the force settings, the centering power, which can also be used in non-force feedback games, and the choice of using the pedal set on the same axis or separate ones, a function you need for games which only recognize both axes. You can use the Profiler to set the parameters for the buttons, ranges, neutrals and sensitivity. Other items to mention are that the Momo Racing has an optical sensor and calibration is automatic.

On Your Marks

So let's be off. Our usual test programs are Colin Mc Rae 2 for rally and Grand Prix 4 for Formula 1. The wheel behaves well in rally, but is a bit straighter than average. This doesn't matter a lot, but you have to get used to it and practice precision. On the other hand, sharp turns of the wheel to put the auto into skid are no trouble, provided you have screwed the clamps down properly. In Formula 1, it's a dream. If you keep straight and extremely precise, you can set your course to within a millimeter! This is probably the most precise wheel I have ever come across, and it helps get your times down fast.

Good Force Feedback At Last

The force feedback is just as fantastic, and again, maybe the best I have seen - it's both powerful and highly sensitive. For instance, in Rallisport Challenge, where with any other wheel you hardly feel the shift change, on the Momo Racing you get a real kick. It may not equal its elder for that luxury feeling you get with the leather and aluminum, but its sleek black finish is just as attractive. The wheel does not budge a hair's breadth from its axis, and its sturdiness needs no more description. It's a pity about the pointless plastic casing and problematic clamping, which spoil the good overall impression. The pedal set, however, is all health and strength. So Logitech has definitely succeeded in making a top-range, but still affordable, wheel. It is precise and ergonomic with tremendous force feedback. Its design and finish are beyond reproach and give it that racing feel that gamers love. So this would be a clear round were it not for its clamping problems.