Joysticks and Wheels: The Winter 2002 Collection

Precision And Forces

The Microsoft model with its optical sensor behaves with precision in all situations, so it will be as good for arcade games as for flight simulation. The force feedback is excellent, pretty powerful and, above all, very sensitive. Of all the joysticks I've tested, this is the one that gets the forces in the right order, from machine-gun fire to collision. Against that, the lack of centering in non-force feedback games is something of a bind, and we all have old games we still enjoy. Last points: the integrated power supply does away with the extra box, which is a good thing; the machine is quiet; and the finish, flawless.

With its improved covering and good looks, this year's version is still the best force feedback joystick on the market. Anyway, there is no point in comparing the two sticks here with their respective rivals because they are each the best of their type. Logitech is tops if you don't need force feedback. Though if you want a cheaper joystick, but not cordless, the Thrustmaster Top Gun Fox 2 Pro at $30 is what you should choose.