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AMD's Kabini: Jaguar And GCN Come Together In A 15 W APU

Results: Media Encoding

The game results caught us a bit off-guard; based on what we saw from Llano and then Trinity, AMD had a clear bias towards graphics performance that lent itself to gaming. With Kabini, that seems to be lost, as Intel's HD Graphics 4000 component on the 17 W Core i3 is quite a bit faster.

On the flip side, we're hoping to see AMD's improvements to its x86 hardware materialize as more competitive performance in more general computing apps.

iTunes is single-threaded, so clock rate and IPC win this one. The 2.2 GHz Pentium B960 scores a first-place finish, followed by Intel's Core i3. AMD's A4-5000 trails by a substantial margin.

Also single-threaded, Lame yields the same outcome.

HandBrake is threaded, so the Core i3 with its Hyper-Threading technology manages to outperform the Pentium. AMD's quad-core A4-5000-based platform finishes in last place again, though the outcome isn't as severe.

Although the Intel-based chips trade places once again, one outcome that doesn't change is Kabini's inability to keep up at what we anticipate to be a competitive price point.