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KryoTech's Cool Athlon 800 MHz

What's This Thing Look Like? -Continued

The bottom half of the chassis is what makes this system so cool. This is where the refrigeration unit hides. If you follow the insulated coolant tubing (black tube) you can see the edge connector of the Athlon processor. This tube feeds the coolant to the CPU. There's one significant downside to this part of the system, it weighs some hefty 50+ pounds, making it quite a drag moving the system around.

This is refrigeration unit. You can see the compressor, where the coolant-gas changes back to liquid, releasing the heat.

And here we have a close-up of the CPU cooling capsule, where the coolant surrounds the CPU.

Opening the CPU-capsule reveals a look at the Athlon CPU, of course without its usual housing. You can see the backside of the Athlon processor. The off-white wires in this picture provide the required heating of the capsule's sealing for evaporating the un-wanted condensation.