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KryoTech's Cool Athlon 800 MHz


Kryotech is finally getting the merits this company deserves. In the past, Kryotech had to live with the criticism that they didn't use the fastest available CPU for their cooling system and thus couldn't reach top-notch numbers in all the benchmarks. Now with AMD's new Athlon-CPU, the best performer even without cooling, Kryotech is finally scoring way ahead of any competition. Please consider that this is only the first step. The Athlon-processor used in the 800 MHz-system is still based on the .25µ-technology of the currently shipping Athlon-models. AMD is already producing future versions based on .18µ-technology. Those Athlons will easily reach 1 GHz and more with Kryotech's cooling and I doubt that we'll have to wait too long for those systems. The only other way to increase the performance of Kryotech's boxes even more would be SMP-systems with two or four Athlon-CPUs. People who do 3D-rendering will then see Kryotech-systems that render more than 8 times faster than a Pentium III 600-system, or still at least double as fast as a quad-Pentium III 600 system.

The Athlon's SlotA-package enables Kryotech to use a much easier and more practical design for the evaporator and the isolation. It enables the user to change the motherboard of the Cool Athlon System and even the CPU-card can be changed, although it needs to be obtained by Kryotech, due to the multiplier and bus speed programming that's required.

Our experience with the KryoTech Cool 800 MHz Athlon system has been very good so far. This system has proved very stable and we will continue to hammer this system in our Lab. This 800 MHz Athlon system is definitely by far the fastest system ever touched by Tom's Hardware Guide. If you want the fastest Athlon system available and have $2200 bucks lying around look no further than KryoTech's Cool 800 MHz Athlon system.