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KryoTech's Cool Athlon 800 MHz

Business Application Performance Under Windows 98

Looking at the Windows 98 results the Cool 800 MHz Athlon scales very well. The 200 or 150 MHz higher clock rate definitely shows its advantage over the two 'slower' Athlon-siblings.

Business Application Performance Under Windows NT

The SYSmark98 results under Windows NT show the same trends as the Windows 98 results. Again, the 800 MHz Athlon results scale well.

Floating Point Performance Under Windows NT

Wow! At 800 MHz the Athlon provides almost double the performance over the Pentium III 600 MHz. 3D-rendering software typically runs pretty tight loops that can be handled within the CPU's caches. This is why 3D Studio Max scales perfectly with CPU clock speed. 800 MHz are 33% higher than 600 MHz and 109 pph are 33% more than 82 pph. It's very hard to find any other kind of software that scales as well as 3D-renderers.