The Latest DVD Writers' True Speeds

Plextor PX-740A

Plextor is considered one of the best writer manufacturers; the company built that reputation in the days of the first CD writers, and has kept it for their DVD writers as well. Even with the looming arrival of the PX-760A - which will be the first writer to offer 18x speeds for writing DVD+/-R and 10x for DVD+R DL - the PX-740A's specifications are still quite up to date.

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Plextor PX-740A
CD-ROM reading speed48x
DVD-ROM reading speed16x
CD-R writing speed48x
CD-RW writing speed32x
DVD-R writing speed16x
DVD+R writing speed16x
DVD-RW writing speed6x
DVD+RW writing speed8x
DVD-R DL writing speed4x
DVD+R DL writing speed8x
Buffer2 MB
Firmwarev 1.01

To improve writing quality and reduce the number of failed writes and failed DVDs, the PX-716A uses three technologies in addition to the classic BurnProof system. The first, called AutoStrategy, optimizes the power of the laser to suit the quality of the medium. The second, called IntelligentTilt, positions the laser optimally in relation to the surface of the disk. Finally, PoweRec adapts the writing speed to the quality of the medium.

NeroInfoTool and DVDInfoPro provide information on the writer's capabilities: