The Latest DVD Writers' True Speeds

Sony DRU-810A

Sony regularly brings out new writers in order to keep pace with technological developments and the market. The DRU-810A looks almost identical to the Plextor unit, but its characteristics differ. Sony's basic writers are usually provided by a third-party manufacturer, but Sony generally develops its own firmware, which accounts for the differences.

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Sony DRU-810A
CD-ROM reading speed48x
DVD-ROM reading speed16x
CD-R writing speed48x
CD-RW writing speed32x
DVD-R writing speed16x
DVD+R writing speed16x
DVD-RW writing speed6x
DVD+RW writing speed8x
DVD-R DL writing speed8x
DVD+R DL writing speed8x
Buffer2 MB
Firmwarev 1.0A

Sony calls their protection system Power Burn, but it performs exactly the same functions as on others writers -it keeps the writing process from aborting if the memory buffer empties, and adjusts the power of the laser to suit the temperature and quality of the medium.

NeroInfoTool and DVDInfoPro provide information on the writer's capabilities: