The Latest DVD Writers' True Speeds

NEC ND-3540A

NEC is quick to update its writers, even if the change is limited to increasing the writing speeds, and the ND-3540A achieves the highest speeds currently available. NEC is one of the major manufacturers of chipsets for DVD writers, so logically, they've used their own in the ND-3540A.

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NEC ND-3540A
CD-ROM reading speed48x
DVD-ROM reading speed16x
CD-R writing speed48x
CD-RW writing speed32x
DVD-R writing speed16x
DVD+R writing speed16x
DVD-RW writing speed6x
DVD+RW writing speed8x
DVD-R DL writing speed4x
DVD+R DL writing speed8x
Buffer2 MB
Firmwarev 1.03

The NEC's write-failure protection system is called WOPC (Walking Optimal Power Control). It controls the quality of the medium at the beginning of the burn, but also throughout the process, allowing the writing speed to be optimized for the temperature of the medium. There's also a system for suspending the write process if the writer's buffer memory empties.

NeroInfoTool and DVDInfoPro provide information on the writer's capabilities: