The Latest DVD Writers' True Speeds

Pioneer DVR-110D

Pioneer, the major specialist in computer disk writers, has decided to stop selling its writers via traditional vendor networks, now focusing only on OEM channels. Of course, you'll be able to find this writer in specialized stores as before, but there's no longer a "boxed version" as such. The somewhat exclusive model with honeycomb design won't be manufactured anymore, either. On the plus side, however, performance has improved.

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Pioneer DVR-110D
CD-ROM reading speed40x
DVD-ROM reading speed16x
CD-R writing speed40x
CD-RW writing speed32x
DVD-R writing speed16x
DVD+R writing speed16x
DVD-RW writing speed6x
DVD+RW writing speed8x
DVD-R DL writing speed8x
DVD+R DL writing speed8x
Buffer2 MB
Firmwarev 1.22

Pioneer has implemented what it calls Precision Recording Technology to reduce write errors by adjusting the power of the laser to the medium throughout the writing process. This system is essential for using rewritable media; with it, RW disks have a better recognition rate even after several uses.

NeroInfoTool and DVDInfoPro provide information on the writer's capabilities: