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An LCD Screen to Start the Year: Hitachi CML174SXW


Price (US)$700
Price (Europe)740 €
TechnologyTN + Film
Panel manufacturerAU Optronics
Response rate16 ms
Resolution1280 x 1024
Contrast400 : 1
Luminosity260 cd/m²
Viewing angle, vertical160°
Viewing angle, horizontal160°
Panel, diagonal17 inches
ConnectivityD-Sub, DVI
Integrated speakersNo
Pivot functionNo
USB hubNo
Dimensions (cm)374 x 394 x 204
Weight5 Kg
Energy consumption48 W

The CML174SXW is the best 17" LCD screen that we have tested so far. It combines the best features of its rivals, such as the quick response of the Iiyama AS4314UTG and the bright colors of the Solarism LM1711. This makes it a particularly powerful screen for gaming.

But it still holds a few surprises. Why were the features of the monitor altered? The features that are claimed by AU-Optronics (140° vision in the vertical and a brightness of 280 cd/sq. m.), the manufacturer of the screen, are much closer to reality than those claimed by Hitachi for its CML174SXW.

The main problem is the price. The CML174SXW may well be a dream screen, but it is by no means the most affordable.

Finally, some of you might be interested to know that a black-framed version is about to be launched, the CML174SXWB. And while we're on the subject, isn't it time that Hitachi simplified its product names a little? Isn't CML174SXWB a bit of a mouthful?

As for its availability, Hitachi informs us that it is currently being delivered to its sales outlets. If it isn't available yet from your favorite supplier, it'll be along soon. Just be patient.

The score awarded for "Number of colors displayed " is the average for colors obtained in analog mode (4/5) and DVI mode (2/5).