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Lenovo Y50-70 Touch Slim Gaming Notebook Review

The Y50-70 extends Lenovo’s touchscreen emphasis to the mobile gaming crowd. But a entertainment-oriented notebook still has to game. We run this one through its paces to determine if the compact form factor is still packed with ample performance.

A Touch Of Gaming Portability

At seven pounds (including the adapter), my comments about the Y50-70 Touch (59420895) being thin and light are really only relative to traditional gaming notebooks. Today’s comparison included a full-performance model of similar screen size that was nearly two pounds heavier, while toting an even larger charger. And let’s face it, anyone anticipating less than two hours of game time from the battery probably will bring along an AC adapter.

This model of the Y50-70 Touch approaches the value of MSI’s heavier notebook in overall computing. A non-touchscreen version would have evenly matched it, due to the $100 price difference. And we’ve seen lower prices on various other part numbers that bend the cost/benefit curve in favor of the touch-enabled Lenovo.

This version of the Y50-70 even beats the value of its heavier rival in games, and that brings us to the point of this suite, gaming adequacy. Even in its worst-performing game, Arma 3, the Y50-70 Touch reached playable frame rates by using either Standard quality at 1920x1080 or by dropping to 1600x900 at Ultra quality. There was enough frame rate left between those settings that 1920x1080 “High” looked like a good middle ground.

Thomas Soderstrom
Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.