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LG 32UD99 Ultra HD HDR FreeSync Monitor Review

HDR Tests

The LG 32UD99 accepts HDR10 signals, so we added our HD Fury Integral to the signal path to simulate the format. When the monitor senses a proper input, it switches automatically into HDR mode and displays a brief message on the screen.

There are four picture modes specific to HDR, so we picked Cinema as our test subject. The other presets are visibly off in color and some add edge enhancement which does little more than reduce perceived resolution and clarity. All modes are non-adjustable except for brightness, which should be left at its maximum level for HDR. This ensures the greatest dynamic range and image depth.

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The RGB test shows a blue shift that increases as brightness levels rise. The error isn’t too grievous at around 8dE. Darker steps are closer to the mark. Overall, the blue tint is only slightly apparent. EOTF measures almost right on the line with only the tiniest variations. This bodes well for color tracking and overall image quality, which is much better than the monitor’s 2000:1 sequential HDR contrast value would suggest. While we’d love to see a full-array backlight on every monitor, the cost is quite a bit higher. LG has maximized the potential of this display with a superb IPS panel part and solid engineering. The LG 32UD99’s HDR quality is superior to other edge-lit screens and is only bested by the premium-priced Dell UP2817Q and its zone-dimming feature.

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