The Logitech Mouse Goes Laser

Undeniably A Step Forward

The verdict is clear. Not only is the laser mouse more precise than the preceding generation, but its general handling is exceptional. Everybody who tried it wants one. And that's in comparison with the best LED optical mouse on the market, the MX 510. If you compare with a standard mouse, the difference is like night and day.

We should temper our enthusiasm somewhat, however. While the gain in accuracy does result in better overall user comfort, the difference is flagrant only for certain types of use. If you aren't an experienced, dedicated FPS player or graphics pro, or if you don't do retouching with Photoshop, the move to an MX 1000 isn't really justified, and a good basic mouse will do. Especially considering that $80 or 80 euros is a lot of money for a mouse. On the other hand, if you'll get the full benefit of it and aren't scared off by the price, then don't hesitate.

With the MX 1000, Logitech has proven that you can always do better. The use of the laser makes the mouse even more precise, with genuinely noticeable improvement. This mouse is now the standard for both precision and responsiveness.

Ergonomically, the MX 1000 will also satisfy the most demanding user, with its ideally placed buttons and very smooth multidirectional wheel. With the freedom of cordless associated with the rechargeable battery and enormous battery life, you really don't miss the cord. True, its weight won't be to everyone's taste and its shape suits only right-handers. So, now all we need is an ambidextrous version that's at least 30 grams lighter.