The Logitech Mouse Goes Laser

Everything... And A Little More

As for features, it's hard to find anything to criticize. The wheel's quietness and precision are beyond reproach. What's more, it is multidirectional, letting you scroll horizontally as well as vertically. The tilt-wheel horizontal scrolling doesn't affect the preciseness of the vertical scrolling. Unfortunately, there's still no way to assign a key to this function, which makes it useless for games. Only Word, Photoshop and Excel can take advantage of it. The wheel has a fast-scrolling "Cruise Control" rocker above and below it that's very practical for scrolling on Web pages. On the left side of the mouse are three additional buttons that can be freely assigned. They are ideally placed and genuinely useful in all situations.

Settings are made very easily with the driver interface, which is a model of restraint.