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Eight Low-Profile CPU Coolers For Your Compact PC, Reviewed

Janus Installation

Screws from the assembled Janus cooler and bracket package stick through the motherboard and are secured with nuts. A set of insulating washers protects the board’s surface. If you own an AMD processor, you'll need to remove your board's cooler retention mechanism to accomplish this task.

The Janus provides 1.2” of clearance for DIMMs and motherboard devices, and is offset by 0.6” towards the side shown so that it can be rotated to clear taller objects. The bottom 80 mm fan needs additional space above the socket, but can be removed if necessary.

At 2.5” tall including its top 120 mm fan, the Janus is exactly the design we expected to represent the low-profile performance market. The fan even lights up for users of windowed cases such as ASRock’s M8.

If you need a second set of DIMMs to use with the Janus, you'll either want lower-profile memory or to rotate the cooler away from the memory slots.