The Mailman Has Arrived: Four Mini-PCs on the Test Bench

MSI Mega PC (Mega 651): A Living Room PC With Minor Defects, Continued

MSI supplies a special model for effective CPU cooling, although problems may arise during disassembly. In our case, the processor was stuck firmly to the smooth surface of the cooling element and was ripped out of the socket without opening the lever. Serious damage did not occur, but this can scarcely be avoided given the construction.

The hard drive is a different story: it is housed, sandwich style, with the CD/ DVD drive. Thus, the MSI has the same quirk as the Shuttle XPC SB61G: due to the low air circulation, the hard disk heats up excessively and is additionally heated by the adjacent components. In the test, the large power unit reached a temperature of more than 55°C, so that temperatures of up to 48°C occurred within the housing. Compared to the Shuttle, MSI has included more bore holes in the aluminum hood for cooling. The bottom line: an interesting barebone system with a few defects.

Supporting frame for hard disk and additional drives.

Beware of heat congestion! Both the hard disk and the drives are not cooled.

When disassembling the CPU cooler, the processor frequently remains suspended on the cooling element - without the level of the CPU socket being released.